Books on Tikun Habris
Rebbe Nachmans Tikun

Introduction and translation of Rebbe Nachmans Tikun Klali

Published by Breslov Research Institute
The Light of Ephraim
Kabbalistic explanation of Pgam Habris as well as the rectifications
Distributed by Moznaim 718-438-7680 or 02-5353941
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Pamphlets of Rabbi Shick
Has many pamphlets dealing with Pgam Habris
Hebrew - (most can be found in every seforim store)
Takanas Hashavim - Rabbi Tazdok Hacohen of Lublin
Normally sold as part of the set, He also has a lot of torah in Tzdkas Hatzadik
Likutay Maharan - Rabbi Nachman of Bresslov
There are many parts dealing with Pgam Habris and its Tikun
Minchat Yehudah - Rabbi Yehudah Ftayah
Many stories about the punishment people received for sining
Taharat Yom Tov
Rabbi Channanya Yom Tov Lipa Duitch made a vow that if he would escape the Holocaust he would publish books on this topic. The set has around 14 volumes and is out of print. Try used seforim dealers, also check the dusty bottom shelves in your synagogue the author spread his books in many places.
Sfat Hyum
Commentary and introductions to Ananu of the Rashash. Published by Ahvat Shalom
Shar Ruach Hakodesh - Kitvi Ari
Tikunim of the Ari for various sins
Taharat Hakodesh - Rabbi Ahron Ratah (Shomri Emunim)
Goes through many of the Tikunim
Sefer Hamidot / Likutay Etzot - Bresslov
Advice on these topics
Tzphron Shamir - Chida
Talks a lot about the Tikunim
Shmiras Hmachshava - Rabbi Daniel Frish Z''L
Explains the flaws caused by impure thoughts, the punishment one receives for having them, As well as the reword one receives for guarding his mind. Contains many tips how to fight off impure thoughts, also brings down many Divine Names one can meditate on to counter these thoughts.
Yerushalim PO Box 5315 - US Rabbi Daskal 225 Division Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Sefer Chasidim - Rabbi Yehuda Hachasid
Spread out through the book are many parts dealing with Tikun Habris
Lashon Chachamim - Ben Ish Chi
Has a lot of Effective Tikunim
Tikun Kares - Chidah
Each night you stay up and do the Tikun wipes off one Kares
Rashis Chuchmah
Check out Shar Hkedusha
Yesod Yosef
The whole Sefer is about Pgam Habris, there are also a number of commentaries on it
Zera Kadosh
Brings down many of the Kavanot for Tikun Habris