The Tikun of Studying Talmud


-One of the biggest Tikunim a person can do is to study Torah.
-There are many different parts of Torah and each lines up with a certain type of Tikun. There are also many methods of studying Torah and the amount of effort placed must be taken into account as well.
-Talmud has the same numerical equivalence as Lilis, may she rott away. By studying Talmud one nullifies her power.
-I have personally witnessed many people who have committed serious transgressions, they later joined a Yeshivah and for one reason or other placed much effort on studying Torah, and the Torah protected them. In the beginning they became very wasted but as time went on they got a lot of their energy back, they did not reach high levels but they were able to live functional lives.
-Sometimes after a person has sinned many times it is very hard for him to study Talmud but if he keeps on trying he will break through the surrounding Klipot.
-If a person studies Torah and he learns Kabbalah and does other Tikunim he can really advance in levels.

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