Practical Guide to Going to the Mikvah

We consider it very important to go to the Mikvah, however many people are afraid to go that is why we are writing this.

Going to the Mikvah is one of the biggest Tikunim for Pgam Habris. Even if a person is still steeped in these actions, going to the Mikvah will help him change.

Many people have a myth that most Mikvas are dirty and crowded.

This is not true most Mikvas nowadays are in relatively nice buildings.
Most Mikvas are cleaned everyday.
Most Mikvas have their water changed everyday.
There is also chlorine in the water which kills all germs.
The chlorine itself should not be a problem since it is no worse then any other swimming pool.
Almost all people shower before entering the Mikvah.
Most Mikvah buildings contain at least one Mikvah that is at a room temperature.
Most modern Mikvas have nice showers with decent pressure and hot water.
Most of the time the showers are divided and have curtains.
Mikvas are very rarely crowded, only in the hours right before Shabbat or a Holiday.

Also if you want, you can take a shower after you dip in the Mikvah.
You can bring soap and shampoo with you.
No one will look at you like you are crazy if you bring shower slippers.

Some people are afraid to go because they are embarrassed to walk around with out clothes.

This is not such an issue since no one is looking at you. Most people do not look around at all while they are in the Mikvah. Also this is an unnatural feeling, if a person is doing a mitzvah he should not be embarrassed. It is only because of your sins of Pgam Habris that you are having these reactions. Someone who has purified himself a little and goes to the Mikvah everyday does not get embarrassed.

Either way, you can bring a large towel and drape it over your shoulder so it covers your private parts. There are many people who do this and it is recommended. The towel you remove at the last second before you enter the water or shower. Also even if you are embarrassed in the beginning, after a number of times it will go away, consider it part of your Tikun.

There are also certain hours when the Mikvah is almost always empty. Go then, there will be no one there.

There are those that are afraid that they have so defiled themselves that they will not be able to prevent themselves from fantasizing in the process and they will embarrass themselves.

These people should not forget how powerful the Mikvah is and how it can protect them. They should try going a number of times when it is empty and then they will see that they do have the ability to control their thoughts.

A person who goes to the Mikvah everyday besides the great Holiness he brings upon himself, he also saves himself from many situations and tests he would have to go through if he showered in his own home, where he has problems controlling his thoughts and desires.

A person who goes everyday does not have to be embarrassed to go when he sees Keri, because he goes to the Mikvah either way.

Practical Guide

1 - Find out the locations of all your local Mikvas, find out their hours some open as early as 3 AM.

2 - Pick one that suits you, if you are worried about cleanliness pick the nicest one.

3 - Figure out the hours when it will be totally empty. Very early in the morning, people go before praying Vatikin (Netz). Figure out the time right after the netz minyan starts it should be empty. Also depending on the minyanim in the area, there are always slots when it is almost always empty.

4 - Now go in and pretend you are looking for your shampoo bottle that you left there. When you see that the room is empty quickly jump into the Mikvah and out. If you are very afraid someone is going to walk in on you, then take the showers in your house, to shorten the time.

5 - Then one time, someone is going to walk in on you and you will be a little embarrassed. After this happens two, three times it will not bother you anymore. Soon you will be going on a busy Friday afternoon.

If you refuse to go then remember that all natural lakes and rivers can be used as a men's mikvah. Go to a river or the ocean. Wear your bathing suit, then when you are already in the water pull it off and do the immersions.

If you can't go every day then go at least on Erev Shabbot.
It is best to go from mid day and on. However if you must, go any time on Friday. This might be the best time to find it empty. Most Mikvas are open the whole day Friday. Try it around 11:00.

It is also very important to go if you see Keri. Also if you were Pogem Habris Heaven Forbid, in any way, run to the Mikvah as soon as you can.

Erev Yom Kipor is a must. Many Mikvas offer private sessions, where only one person at a time goes in.

What to do in the Mikvah

-Try to spend as little time as you can undressed (unless in water)
-Men do not make any Bracha (blessing) on the mikvah.
-Just undress and dip in the water.
-Make sure your whole body is underwater, and there is no hair sticking out.
-Also make sure you have no barrier on your body such as a watch or band aid.
-Dip once to remove impurity.
-Dip a second time to bring Holliness upon you
-On Erev Shabbat dip a third time for the honor of Shabbat.
-After that you can get out and leave, finished.

-If you want you can add as many meditations as you want, there are many on this site. Just make sure to do them only when you are in the water.

Be strong, give it a try

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