Moshiach will come in merit of those that are Shomer Habris

-It is obvious from the Zohar that the final redemption will only come about through Tikun Habris.
-The final redemption will happen in the merit of Yosef as it says in the verse "You redeemed with a mighty hand, the desendents of Yackov and Yosef" (Tehilim 77). We see that it is all dependent on Tikun Habris.
-This is very surprising for we see in this generation the opposite, we see that every boundary of morality has been broken. People are not embarrassed to do the worst sins; there was never a time where Yisroel sank so low in this area.
-However know that this is all happening on purpose and this is all part of Hashems plan. He gave power to the Samach Mem and his forces to wreck havoc like never before for a reason. Now is the time of the final Birrurim (separations) of the sparks of holiness, now is the final rectification of the generation of the flood. Only now when the Pretzut is full force and the world has reached such a level moral lawlessness can these separations be made. And in the merit of the people in this generation, who keep themselves holy, in midst of all these Prutzot and vermin .They sacrifice themselves to guard their eyes and be Shomer Habris, in their merit Mashiach will be able to arrive. (Taharat Hakodesh).

It is very clear from here that all those who try their hardest to be Shomer Habris in today's society, despite all the obstacles and tests; they will be the ones to bring about the arrival of Moshiach.

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