The Tests of Yosef

-Yosef was 17 at the time.
-He was a slave. He was all alone in a foreign land.
-The wife of Potifar was not Egyptian and had great beauty.
-She tried everyday to get him to sin, the Medrash states she would change her clothing many times a day as well as other tactics.
-Yosef not only did not sin he never looked at her even once.
-The wife of Potifar had her servants tie down yosef, they placed a metal brace around his neck with a sharp point right under his chin. Yosef still refused to look at her and each time he would lower his head and cut open his chin. It therefore says "They bound his legs in rope and metal pierced his soul" Tehilim 105.
-This happened every single day for a period of a year.
-He never once gave in to his desires.
-His biggest test happened on the day of "Nital". From ancient times this day has been a day of worship for the Pagens. It is the shortest day of the year when the night is the longest. It is on this day that the forces of darkness have the most power. The Christians took this day and use it for their Xmas. The day is so impure that many Kabbalists are afraid to study Torah on this night fearing the other side might suck energy from it. Instead they do acts of Kindness to overrun the Dinim.
-The Egyptons who worshiped the forces of the other side would make a huge celebration for their gods on this day. They would do much demonic worship to receive black power.
-On this day the house was totally empty since every went to participate in the worship, only the wife of Potifar was home claiming she was sick.
-On this day Yosef was at his lowest point since the other side holds much power. The wife of Potifar was on the highest since the power of the snake was ruling.
-On this day yosef almost fell, However all his previous resistance now came to his aid he visualized the image of his father Yackov he then Medditated on the name containing the Mystery of the Ketonet Pasim. This was the last thing his father had taught him. With this he overcame his desires he stabbed his fingers and toes in the ground placing his full weight on them until the desires left him.
-Even when the wife of Potifar tried forcing him to sin he escaped not delaying there for even a second. In order to get away from her he left her grabbing his overcoat. Yosef knew full and well that she would now have evidence to accuse him. He also knew the fate of an adulteress slave in Egyptian law, death.
-Potefar who knew his business dealings had been blessed since the arrival of Yosef refused to have him Killed instead he was thrown into a pit.
-The wife of Potifar would constantly sneak into the jail and continue to tempt him also offering him freedom and money and had him tortured when he refused.

-Yosef did not give in he won the battle. He earned the title Yosef Hatzadik. He received the position of Tzadik Yesod Alom
-The kabbalah teaches that once an action has already been done in history it carves a path. When this action is repeated it becomes easier each time. Yosef had the hardest temptations in history, not only because of the circumstances but also because of the strength of his desires which no one ever experienced and no one ever will. When Yosef defeated this and was Shomer Habis he paved a path for future Shomri Habris.

-Yosef received much reward in this world and the next. He became viceroy of Egypt the most powerful country of that age.
As it says in Tehilim 105 "He made him master off his house and controller of all his wealth. He had the power to impression the highest ranking officials and was able to outsmart even their wisest men"

-The Talmod in Brachot say the descendents of Yosef are not subject to damage caused by the evil eye. Yosef who did not let his eyes gaze at something they were not allowed to, his descendents rule over the power of the eye.

-When the Jews wanted to cross the Yam Suf it refused to split until it saw the coffin of Yosef.

-This is what Rebbe Nachman writes about Yosef "Yosef who was Shomer Habris merited to receive the Bechorah (title of Firsborne) this manifests in having the power of prayer. This is the sword with the double blade".

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