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The physical manifestations of someone entering the Pardas


- R’ Yishmoel would meditate on divine names to enter the Pardes. His soul would leave his body and transcend to upper chambers of Olam Yitzirah.
- His physical body would stay on earth.
- When one is holding in that state of holiness it manifests down on his physical matter.
- If someone were to look at R’ Yishmoel’s body as he was gazing the Markava ( supernal chariot) he would see a blazing fire of glorious light surrounding his body.
- In fact a regular person would have been blinded and consumed just by looking at this fearsome fire.
- Only the holy sages were able to stand in the presents of one entering the Pardes and transcending the supernal chambers.
- This was a common occurrence in Hychlot Rabbiti where R’Nechunya taught the mysteries of the pardes.
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