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Regarding the many wives of King Shlomo


- After the breaking of the vessels (Shvirat Hkalim) sparks were spread all over.
- Through doing physical actions one can gather these sparks.
- One of the points of galus (diaspora) is to spread jews all over the world to gather these sparks from the nations.
- Of course if one is conscious of what he is doing and meditates, his actions will have a much bigger effect.
- King Shlomo knew this was a big job, he therefore started it in order to lower the time and hardship of Galus.
- King Shlomo married the princesses of every nation, removed the energy from that nation and returned it to the side of holiness.
- By meditating on the action, King Shlomo accomplished what he accomplished.
- Most of the women were used once then placed in the hiram never to be used again.
- The ones used more often were because there were bigger rectifications to be done over there.
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