The attribute of Yesod Shbateferet

You look at an object how it appears in the overall system of scientific reality as opposed to the way it relates to you.
- Meaning, you remove your ego and essence out of the picture.
- Yackov was very busy trying to perfect this trait.
- This is the reason why Yackov never saw Kerie (nocturnal emission).
-When one looks in everything as it is, as an essence by itself, how it fits into the whole picture, then he won’t be excited by something that is not connected to him.- Meaning if you leave your essence out, then only your soul mate is of interest to you. In the overall picture other women have nothing to do with you, therefore they won’t excite you.- This is also why he had to run away from Esav. He could not have claimed that he stole the blessing and bechora (first born rights) without any selfish purpose.
- Once he perfected Yesed ShbaTiferet he was able to deal with this issue. He was now able to look at what happened as that if it had to happen in the over all system and not because of his personal needs.
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