All the miracles that happened to Yisroel during the exodus were in the merit of Avrahom

- Avrahom was busy trying to rectify the attribute of chesed.
- This means he went out of his way to do kindness.
- Part of chesed means you don’t necesarily have to deserve something to get it.- Avrahom would go out of his way to do kindness especially to people who did not deserve it.
- Perfecting chesed involves many other aspects. Avrahom did them all and perfected this trait more than anyone in all existence.
- When the jews left Egypt they were on low spiritual levels and did not merit all the miracles that happened to them.
- They had to rely on the merit of their fathers and great people who had earned the right for these miracles to occur.
- The Exodus - Yitzchock. Splitting of sea - Yosef. Splitting of Yarden(Jordan)-Yackov. Receiving Torah, Falling of the mun - Moshe. The well - Miriam. Protecting clouds - Ahoron.
- Meaning each one of these people rectified the necessary aspects to enable the event to take place.
- However there are many ways an event can occur, they did not have to happen in the glorious way they did, there could have been suffering on the way.
- Since Avrahom rectified chesed which doesn’t differentiate, they get glory even though they were not worthy.
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