Regarding the fear of Avrahom after the war of the four kings.


- During the war many people died.
- Avrahom was worried that there must have been at least one person amongst them who feared G-D.
- During the battle one of them might have pondered the truth and realized there was one unified controlling force instead of the many angles and deities they worshiped.
- When someone is about to die they see the truth clearer.
- If this was the case it would wipe away much of his merits.
- Only Avrahom had to worry about this since he was so busy with chesed.
- Meaning if you’re busy with Din you don’t have to worry about details. If you have to fight a war, innocent people will get killed.- This is also why he was worried about such a harsh punishment.
- With Din punishments are exact, measure per measure, with chesed there is no concept of holding back.
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