Esav would kill all the people Avroham converted

- Once Esav messed up his tikan, he went all out for the Sitra Achra (side of evil)
- He had to try and ruin all rectifications that Avrahom made.
- Esav would hunt down and try to kill all these converts.
- After Avrahom’s death many of these converts started returning to their old ways. For this reason their merit did not protect them.- Since they were circumcised they were always going to be bound to the side of holiness to some degree, which promoted Esav to kill them.
- The question is since Avrahom made them they should not have been destroyed, since the products of righteous man last.
- Most of these converts were from the people of Canaan.
- These people have a genetic flaw which would not allow them to associate with Kedushah. This is why the nation of Yisroel were commanded to wipe them out. A proof is that many returned to their old ways.
- Avrahom should not have taken them in. He took them in since he was busy with the attribute of chesed. However they were not going to be everlasting.
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