Regarding the location of the ten tribes

-During the reign of Rechovam the kingdom split in two.
-The tribes of Yehuda and Binyomin remained under the house of Dovid. The remaining ten tribes, under the kingdom of Ephraim.
-Sanchariv eventually exiled the ten tribes long before the remaining two.
-Here is what happened to these tribes….1-There were members of all ten tribes living in the land of Yehuda. In addition many escaped there during the war.
2-Yermiyah the prophet, brought back members of the tribes unifying them with the rest of the nation.
3-Jews who were exiled to areas close to Bavel eventually regrouped with Yehuda.
4-There were groups that lost their tradition and intermarried. These were the descendents of the biggest sinners, those responsible for the exile.
5-There were groups that lost their tradition but only married amongst themselves. These are the groups claiming to belong to the tribes, some have customs loosely resembling Judaism.
6-The rest were placed behind the Sambatyon, a mystical river in the subterranean earth. Sancherev knew one of the openings. This group retains full knowledge of the kabalistic mysteries.
-Most Jews are descendents of Yehuda, Binyamin, Cohanim and Leviem. There are also a number from all ten tribes.
-In addition, now a days, yichus and mahus (lineage and essence) are separated, one might have the essence of a tribe that he does not descend from.
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