Regarding Dovid’s command to have Uriyah killed.

- Dovid took Bat Sheveh and arranged to have her husband killed in battle.
- We are not going to deal with Bat Sheveh, but rather why Dovid had Uriyah killed.
- Uriyah was an officer under Yoev ben Tzuriah.
- Yoev was Dovid’s cousin, he felt as if he also had some connection to the Malchus (kingship)

-Meaning, not that he wanted the actual position, but that he was part of it. Therefore he wasn't’t necessarily obligated to listen to Dovid

.- Yoev killed three people in open opposition to Dovid. He killed Avner, Avisholom, and Amasah.
- This fell under the category of rebellion.
- Yoav was very powerful. Dovid therefore let him go unpunished until the days of Shlomo.
- Dovid did execute the people who had helped Yoav in carrying out these deeds. Uriah was one of them.
- Since there couldn't be a straight out accusation he couldn’t be killed openly either.- That’s why Uriyah referred to Yoav as "my master" rather then "your servant".
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