Regarding the reply of Yoash - let the Baal take his vengeance on Gidon.

- After receiving a message from G-D, that he was the redeemer of Yisrael, Gidon went and destroyed the Alter of the Baal. When the enraged people came to his father he replied "Let the Baal avenge himself".
- G-D created many angeles and spiritual beings to direct the world.
- It is pretty much like a Bureaucracy with many different levels.
- People would worship these different angels forgetting that G-D controlled them all, this was Avodah Zarah.
- These angels have power, had someone else destroyed the alter he would have been struck down by the Baal.
- Gidon was saved because he was coming from the side of Holiness. G-D controls everything.
- Meaning if some one would deface an Idol, the physical resting place of a deity. He would be struck back. All depending on the power of the person and the power of the deity.
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