Regarding "Our G-D and the G-D of our fathers"

- Our G-D denotes the fact that you experienced G-D yourself.
- By meditating one can have spiritual experiences. By doing this and analyzing the world logically one gets a personal picture of G-D.
- If one does this he will be very motivated in serving G-D. Since it is something he associates with and recognizes.
- The problem is one ends up making up his own warped version of the religion. Many times he ends up very far from doing the right things and actually defiles himself.
- the G-D of our fathers denotes tradition.
- Tradition consists of revelations by G-D through prophets or at Har Sinai.
- Unlike innovations of the human brain, tradition is divine truth.
- However when one has tradition alone his religion is like that of a programmed person, he merely goes through the motions never feeling or understanding them.
- One has to have both. This is the true way. Otherwise he is not going to get anywhere.
- Nowadays all religious groups have only one or the other.
- People should have both, they should meditate to receive divine awareness. At the same time they have to be very careful about staying on the side of holiness by keeping Halacha.
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