Regarding the saving of Amalek's sheep

- Know, that everything has sparks of good, for without this it would have no existence.
- Even Amalek, which is the extreme manifestation of evil in the human race, the anti thesis of Yisroel, has some sparks of holiness amongst them.
- The amount is very small but it exists, " The great grandchildren of Haman studied torah in Bnai Brak".
- Meaning, this is when most of it was removed from them, but it was small in comparison to the children of Sancheriv who led the Sanhedrin.
- The warriors of Yisroel wanted to remove the good from Amalek because only then would they be abolished completely.
- They saved only the good fat sheep. The commentaries explain that when one does an act of incest with an animal he makes it sterile, which stops the flow if hormones, which weakens the animal.
- The nation of Amalek was steeped in Black Magic. Many Amalekies were mighty wizards, they had the ability to turn themselves into sheep.
- One would not create a sheep out of nothing but would combine his essence to the sheep which involved an act of unification.
- Meaning the fact that these sheep were pure would let them absorb whatever holiness belonged to Amalek. Just as pressured water will run to the hole, because that is the only opening.
-The sheep were then to be sacrificed to G-D.
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