Regarding Yisroel the seventy nations and the Erev Rav

- Yisroel is the concept of perfecting the world bringing it to the state of Moshiach.
- This position was available to anyone. When no one took it Avraham did. Yaccov grasped it fully.
- Meaning Avraham had it enough that it would go to his descendants but the bad still had to be removed.
- To give man free choice evil was created parallel to good.
- Yisroel is going to have forces working against it.
- There is the concept of attacking on the outside and there is a concept of attacking on the inside.
- Attacking from the outside consists of face to face battle, this is the concept of the seventy nations.
- An example of doing battle on the inside would be to inflate the country with drugs hereby causing the economy to collapse.
- The people being attacked might not even be aware of it. This is the concept of the Erev Rav.
- Both the Erev Rav and the seventy nations have many different aspects and levels to them which are represented by different groups of people.
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