Regarding the use of a Pur (lotto) by Haman


-By using a lotto the essence of a person effects the outcome
-A person is active in the choosing, he does the actual action of choosing.
-When Nebuchadnezar and Hadrian wanted a test they tried shooting arrows in directions other then Yershlaim, the arrows then redirected themselves towards the city.
They also tried other methods of divining, such as lighting a candle and seeing where the flame pointed
-In all these tests a person is totally removed from the process.
-Haman was from Amalek.
-Amalek is the anti-thesis of Yisroel. Just as Yisroel is the leader on the side of good, so -too Amalek leads the other side.
-Technically Amalek does have the power to fight Yisroel.
-Haman wanted his input.
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