Regarding What Happens After Death


-Know, nowadays people only use three to five percent of their brain.
-The reason for this limitation is the klipos, another factor is the fact that the mind is attached to a physical body.
-When a person dies he loses this limitation and gains full awareness.
-A person has millions of signals entering his mind every second these are normally blocked out by the jamming signals of the brain.
-When a person suddenly gains such awareness it is an overwhelming experience he can not control it the only thing he can focus on is his body.
-A person watches as his body as it rots, this is a very painful experience. In addition his awareness has now been greatly increased, it is no longer interrupted by all the other signals.
-This is called Chibut Hkever.
-When a person can finally learn to focus away from his body his awareness is then shot from place to place. He is never able to focuses or gain composure, this is also very painful.
-This is called Kaf Hkeleh (sling shot)
-When one finally adjusts to this state of mind, he is greeted by all the evil spirits he created through his sins.
-These beings, angles of destruction then afflict immense punishment upon the person until he is worthy of being cleaned in Gehenom (purgatory).
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