Regarding the story of Pilegesh in Givah (concubine)


-Some members of the tribe of Binyomin abused a women until she died. When the leaders of Binyomin refused to hand over the offending city, the rest of the nation went to war with them almost wiping them out.
-This story occurred when they first settled the land, the generation after Yehoshua. died.
-There were many Canaanite people still living in the land.
-The people of Canaan were a defiled nation who were constantly performing lude acts.
-Some teenagers from the tribe of Binyomin, influenced by their Canaanite neighbors committed this act. Such actions were unheard of amongst the Jews.
-The nation in a spirit of vengeance decided to wipe out the whole city, which contained over 700 people.
-The tribe of Binyomin deemed this punishment to hard, they rose up to defend their brothers.
-The Jews were holy people acts like this were never committed.
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