Story-the effects of practical kabbalah

- He had been in the Yeshivos but saw nothing there. Slowly he drifted out of the religion. At one point he was taught some kabbalah by a friend but it was too late, the klipas had already anchored themselves into his head

- Kabbalah was not a doctrine of purity and holiness but rather a scientific reality, a mystical art to be used by someone who knew how. At that time he had his eyes upon a particular girl and wished she would think the same. He got hold a book, a treasury of mystical names and their uses.

- He found a section dealing with controlling love and tried to make use of the outlined ritual. In the beginning it worked, the girl would call him numerous times from across the ocean. As time went on it wore off and and turned to hate. He then thought the whole thing to be over.

- The kabbalah eventually penetrated his mind and he became religious once again. He was officially engaged to another girl. One night before the wedding he received a letter and for a sudden brake off of the engagement he then realized practical kabbalah comes with a package.

Moral- practical kabbalah won't work the way you want it to and you will get punished for using it.
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