Story-prayer on Rosh Hashnah

- He sat there in middle of his orthodox shul. It was Rosh Hashana. He looked around the room in total disgust. His gaze fell upon the people mumbling through the words their minds wondering in circles thinking how they will promote their social status at the kiddiush.

- The sound of the chazon fell upon his ears, it was the sound of a man who's knowledge did not penetrate beyond the tune. Here and there were some people trying very hard to display their concentration and devotion. Maybe one or two of them we for real but they seemed so far from having anything of getting it in the future.

- He looked up front where all the wealthy members sat glorifying in their haughtiness. In middle sat the rabbi. The Rabbi was actually a well meaning person, but if he represented the elite of the religion it was pretty sad. This is ridicules he thought. G-D he cried out, this is pathetic. Where is the glory of the religion, where is the glory my second grade Rebbe spoke about that I haven't heard of since.

- He didn't really expect an answer, but he got one. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a book, an orange book. The title caught his attention. He picked up the book, Meditation and Kabbalah. How this book got into these circles he didn't know. Kabbalah was a taboo topic. Now that he thought about it he didn't even know what kabbalah was, he doubted anyone else in the room knew either. Meditation, meditation was something Indians did sitting on the floor what did it have to do with Judaism. Slowly he opened the book. This was the beginning.
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