Regarding the three ways to move people

- Due to the fact that most people run in circles not getting anywhere, they have to be moved
- The three ways are energy, logic and emotion
- Energy involves dominance submission/ Netzach Had it is used by many cult leaders, we are not going to deal with this now.
- Logic is basically wasted nowadays. Even if a person has a drop of logic it would take years of introductions just to get him to the starting point.
- This is the concept of a Rebbe Muvhack (Permanent Rabbi) where one trains by him for years, only then could he begin to really understand.
- Fortunately we are left with emotion which is about the only thing that triggers people to do anything nowadays.
- We live in a age where people have no Tzurah (personal form) everything they do is based on their social life around them.
- They go here they end up this way, there they end up another way.
- In conclusion a system should be set up to manipulate people through their emotions to enter the side of holiness. Once their things will stare clearing up and they can move to higher levels.
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