Regarding the terophim of Lavan

- Lavan was steeped in the practices of black magic, he was a mighty sorcerer.
- The side of evil was created parallel to the side of good. Lavan was the anti thesis of Yackov, the tzadik.
- A sorcerer must have a physical object to serve as a center point for the forces of darkness to rest upon.
- Lavan used his terophim, which was the skull of his first born son embedded into a statue.
- Had Rachel not taken them away Lavan would have been in full power, he easily could have discovered the location of Yaccov and his camp.
- She was unable to destroy them for then the energy would have been released and would have been recaptured by Lavan.
- Meaning, the spirits and demons were bound to the traphim.
- When Lavan entered her tent he easily could have sensed the presents of the traphim she therefore had to sit on them.
- Know, just as there is honor here there is a concept of pride by them. These deities are used to being served and worshiped. When disgraced by having Rachel sitting on their physical resting place they were forced to leave.
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