Regarding a conflict in the meaning of a verse


- When one has wisdom, he sees that all commentaries fit together. They are just addressing different points.
- The next step is to see that all explanations are manifestations of the same thing.
- Example.....Kalev was unable to conquer Kiryas Arbah he therefore offered his daughter to who ever would conquer the city.
- Asneal ben Knaz went and conquered the city.
- Most opinions state that he physically captured the city as a general in war.
- Others say that through his analysis of torah he was able to bring back all the halachos forgotten during the days of mourning Moshe. This is referred to as Kiryas Arbah.
- The answer is they both happened first he brought back the forgotten laws then he led and army to fight the city.
- Meaning the reason why he as opposed to anyone else in the nation was able to conquer Kiryas Arbah was because he was already busy with these issues.
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