The Golden Calf of Yerovum's oxen

- The generation of the desert built a gold calf which they worshiped.
- Yerovem ben Nevot, the first king after the split of the nation, built two golden oxen. The purpose was to replace the need of the temple.
- They were both trying to do the same thing, bring down the divine presents by making a physical manifestation of the oxen on the divine chariot.
- Here we are dealing with why a calf was created instead of an ox.
- Meaning a calf is young and not developed, worshiping such a mediator causes instability.
- The nation wanted to reach higher levels before it's time they therefore wanted to make a physical medium to channel all the energy.
- Although their intention was for the honor of G-D, they knew it was against the will of G-D.
- Therefore they did not want to do the dirty work themselves they let the Erev Rav do it.
- The Erev Rav had not reached the levels of the rest of the nation. They had not seen the merkava.
- The highest point they were able to gaze at were the feet of the upper angles.
- When visualized they take on the physical appearance of what they manifest, the feet of a calf.
- Although the Erev Rav knew about the merkavah they could only create what they experienced, a calf.
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