Acting for the glory of G-D but opposed to his will


- The purpose of all actions in life is to bind ones self to G-D, to the side of holiness.
- It is very hard to constantly be in a state of purity many conditions must be met.
- Some times one is in a situation where he is surrounded by klipas, it is then almost impossible for him to be holy.
- Although it is possible to be a righteous person anywhere it is extremely hard.
- One can try but he will soon burn out as the klipoas seep in little by little.
- At this point a person might decide to do something that is against the will of G-D, but will let him maintain his over all state of purity.
- Meaning G-D wants people to go on a a straight path. The person however knows that due to the circumstances he would not be able to make ti.
- The person then rationalizes that it is better to cause some flaws and maintain his over all degree of holiness. This would be better then trying to go by the straight path, crash and end up Totaly in the klipah.
- This was the sin of the kings of Yisrael. For example trying to bring down the spirit of G-D through alters and the golden oxen.
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