Regarding gematrias-Numerical equivalences


- Most people who say over gematrias are very shallow and understand no connection other then the fact that they add up to the same amount.
- The real meaning of gematrias is as follows..
- Every object has a set of characteristic. These combined characteristic forms its essence.
- The essence of an object is the physical manifestation of it's spiritual roots on high. Meaning the attributes of the siferos combine to form the end result.
- Hebrew is a Divine language, therefore a name will also signify it's essence.
- When two words add up to the amount it means their spiritual roots are similar, of course since they are combined differently through different letters and a different amount of letters it means the attributes are also combined in a different way there forming different results.
- There are different methods of gematrias. Each methods has specified rules and is used to show different types of relationships between objects.
- Wisdom can be defied as knowing of the underlying rules of the universe and the relationship between all objects.
- Through the use of Gematrias wisdom can be imparted in a very compact form . Of course some one who is wise will know the deeper association between the two words.
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