Regarding Moshiach


- There are two basic views. The orthodox, picture Moshiach as some kollel man sitting up one day whipping out a shofar. What comes next they're not sure themselves.
- The more modern picture Moshiach as a popular business man/ politician who creates peace in the world
- The second view is correct as in the issue that there will be action and a movement.
- However Moshiach will be a lot greater then what they are visualizing.
- The movement of Moshiach will occur according the laws of nature. The group will harness all available energy to spread and activate kabbalistic awareness through out the world. The leader of this group will be Moshiach ben Yosef.
- When Yisroel get stronger opposition will brake out as the sitra Acher gets ready for a last stand.
- There will be horrifying wars and destruction as the remaining prophesies of Chzal play out.
- At the end, when all seems lost Moshiach ben Dovid shall suddenly appear. This stage may also take time to play out, but over here open miracles will be displayed.
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