Regarding the golden calf


- The generation of the desert was on extremely high levels they definitely would not worship strange gods.
- G-D created the world. He interacts with it through levels of bureaucracy.
- Their are many angles, demons and forces controlling many tasks.
- Although G-D controls everything, someone looking at it from the bottom might mistakenly conclude that there are different opposing forces.
- People would worship these angles/Gods in order to receive their energy.
- These people all worshiped deities from the other side - sitra acher.
- The generation of the desert was bringing down the Shichina/ divine presence of holiness.
- At the revelation at Mt. Sini they reached very intense levels of holiness this caused instability. For what goes up must come down.
- They therefore tried stabilizing their level to make it a permanent state.
- They would have then been able to climb higher until thy reached the state of the Messianic Era.
- This is indeed what was supposed to happen however since thy rushed it before its time it gets messed up.
- Everything spiritual that is brought down on a permanent basis has to cloth itself in physical matter.
- They were trying to cloth the divine presents in to the statue.
- This is very similar to the cruvim in the mishkan (tabernacle).
- The cruvim on the cover of the ark contained all the concentrated energy of the Divine present . All prophesy came form meditation on this point.
- The divine chariot the throne of G-D has four pillars. A man, lion, eagle, the fourth pillar switches off between an ox and a cruv.
- the shcihinah must come down through a manifestation of the fourth pillar.
- A cruv is a high spiritual being the energy brought down would be extremely intense.
-When the cruv was brought down in the end the mighty presents of G-D was so overwhelming that the nation did not offer personal sacrifices for all forty years in the desert.
- The ox on the other hand is the leader of the domestic animals.
- It has strength, stamina, speed but is not a beast.
- It represents the best of this world yet not having to be part of the klipah, an impure animal.
- Yet it can be dangerous if not used correctly.
- Yerovam ben Nevot was trying to do the same thing when he built the two golden oxen.
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