Regarding Wigs (shtyles) for married woman


-The use of wigs by married women defeats the whole reason that they are wearing them.
-Many of the wigs today are nicer looking then the woman’s own hair.
-By wearing them they are spreading zuhama and impurity across Yisroel.
-All women should wear robes, so should men.
-Many people quote the mishinah in Shabbos as a proof that woman wore wigs in Tanaic Times.
-The mishnah is dealing with the prohibition of carrying on Shabbos. It then says that a woman is permitted to wear a foreign wig in the tenant courtyard.
-The ignorant people who read this mishina are quick to say that it is referring to a married woman.
-If they would look at the commentaries, they would see what Rabbanu Ovadiyah says: A foreign wig---A woman that is missing most of her hair, takes hair from other woman, places it on her head and it looks as if it is her own hair.
-The mishinah is talking about a single girl.
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