Regarding insanity and Kabbalah

-Many people believe studying Kabbalah will make them lose their mind, therefore they are afraid to go near it.
-Kabbalah is divided into three parts: Theoretical, Meditational and Practical.
-Studying theoretical kabbalah involves logical analysis regarding the spiritual worlds. In process it is very much like the study of Talmud.
-No one goes insane from studying theoretical kabbalah.
-The only exception would be some who becomes overly superstitious when he learns that demons exists.
-Insanity normally comes in when an inexperienced person involves himself in Meditative and Practical Kabbalah.
-In meditation one can reach extremely advanced states of consciousness, if one is not experienced he might have difficulty returning.
-Meaning, if one plays with his mind he might make a wrong move.
-Great discipline and self control are needed to come back down from the ecstasy of a high spiritual state.
-For this reason initiates were advised to be married before ascending to such levels. This would then be an incentive to return to the physical world.
-Other mystics would bind their soul by an oath forcing themselves to return to their body.
-Practical kabbalah involves the coercion of angels and demons to do ones will.
-Unless the person is either extremely holy or extremely wicked it normally ends up the other way around. The demons end up controlling him.
-Some times the demons he is playing around with actually posses his body, leaving him insane.
-Regarding learning Kabbalah: Everyone should learn the basic theories of kabbalah. Non dangerous meditative techniques should also be used. No one should use Practical Kabbalah.
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