The reason why Chasidim would drink alcohol


- One method of attaining higher levels involves controlling the emotions, especially happiness.
-If a person could keep a constant state of true happiness, the klipas would have no hold over him.
-The first step to attaining this is to realize how far away you are from this state.
-If a person has money a family and a nice car he thinks that he is happy. In truth he is very far from it.
-Alcohol as opposed to drugs lowers a persons awareness instead of raising it.
-The thing that it does give is happiness.
-Meaning, there are four stages to drinking. While a person is holding in the second and third stage he experiences a light-headedness and happiness.
-This is an extremely low level of happiness, however it is more then a person normally has.
-Now a person has something to compare to and work on getting there.
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