Regarding Magidim


-Rabbi Yosef Cario author of Shlchan Aruch was known to have had contact with a magid.
-In truth many people have had contact with magidim, even in recent times.
-A magid is an Angelic being who comes to a person reveling him wisdom.
-The method used by Rabbi Yosef Cario for contacting the magid was to repeat mishnah, focusing on it until he reached its essence.
-Magidim on the lowest level may simply place thoughts in a persons mind. On a higher level they can actually be seen in visions or heard as voices. On still a higher level they can actually appear in a semi physical form.
-Magidim are spiritual beings. Some originate from a high source and are pure, others come from a lower source and are combined with evil.
-If the person contacting the magid is pure the one he receives will likewise be pure. The mysteries revealed to him will then be true.
-However if the person is not worthy, the magid brought down will be mostly evil. The information he gives him will be a mixture of truth and falsehood.
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