Studying Kabbalah to promote Halacha


-A person signs a work contract for a large sum of money, but on the condition that he receives it as a lump sum at the end of 80 years of work. This person will burn out after working for a couple of months.
-People need feedback to continue to produce.
-Keeping halacha is even worse then the example given, for over there one knows what the reward would be. Everyone knows what can be done with money. However most people know nothing about the future world or gehunom.
-How can one be expected to sacrifice for the religion when he is receiving no feedback and does not even know what the reward will be.
-People keep halacha out of social pressure or simply out of habit since they were raised with it.
-When one studies Kabbalah he begins to understand the way the world works. He now sees why he should do mitzvos and keep halacha. He understands many of the reasons for the things he does.
-If some one practices meditation he constantly feels the ups and downs of religion. If he does something wrong it effects him immediately.
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