-Instead of wondering why these kids left the religion, one should wonder why don’t all youth become irreligious.
-Yeshivos today give nothing. They do not talk about G-D. They do not explain the religion. All they teach is some dry Gemorah and Halacha.
-The bochurim in these yeshivos do not understand what they learn. They do not understand why they should follow Halacha. Why don’t they all reject this low religion that is given to them?
-The first thing keeping them there is the social life. Every time there is a group of people there are going to be ones that dominate the others. These students like the situation, for what is more enjoyable then being important. The others are weak to begin with they follow around never seeing beyond it.
-The second thing that must be taken into account is the small amount of Kedusha they do have. Although they are low they do study torah and listen to many halochos, they do receive a small amount of Holiness. Even though they do not actually feel it, it does make them feel content with their lives.
-Almost all kids that reject this is because they are Pogem Habris.
-When one spills seed he often becomes emotionally imbalanced, causing many problems concerning his fitting into the yeshivah social system.
-In addition he losses his ability to receive the little Kedusha everyone else is getting. When one is not content anymore, he becomes disgusted with the situation around him.

[We have received a complaint that we called Gemara and Halacha dry, so we are clarifying it... Heaven Forbid that Talmud is dry. The Tanaim and Amaraim were great Kabbalists, we don't even reach the dirt of their feet. All the mysteries of creation are included in the Talmud. A person is not considered a Talmid Chacham until he knows Talmud by heart inside out. Everyone should try to study Talmud everyday. However the way it is taught in Yeshivas now a days is pretty dry. Let us bring a quote from the great Rabbi Chaim Vital "These people make torah into a desert, since they do not bother to learn the wisdom of Kabbalah"]

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