Parable – Regarding Shmiras Habris

-There was a man who needed his field harvested in a hurry, before it was destroyed by the weather.
-In order to motivate the workers to work day and night, the owner set up food, drink and other objects of entertainment along side them.
-The workers became so busy with the entertainment, that they did not work and the field was destroyed.
-Terrified of the upcoming backlash they approached a friend of the owner. He advised them to get hold of a certain bird that was liked by the owner. They should then present the bird to him as a gift and he would be appeased.
-The bird was hard to get but it was possible. Instead of working in unison they were lazy and argued amongst themselves. In the end the bird escaped and they got punished.
-This is parallel to a person who is born with a clear state of mind. In addition all his senses and attributes are alert.
-A person could very easily climb to high levels in this state. However most people use this ability to receive simple enjoyments. They sin sexually both in thought and in action. As they get older their attributes clog up little by little until it is very hard to advance to high states.
-Even after this they still have a chance by visiting holy people and studying torah. However most people skip this also because they are lazy and busy fighting against the truth.
(Chochvay Ohr Parables of Rabbi Nachman)
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