Regarding people that use the internet for prizut

- In the past it was not impossible, but it was very difficult for people in a religious setting to get hold of improper pictures.
- Now there is internet, even young teens who would have never accessed such material, have it in middle of their house.
- Even people who would have occasionally looked at such things, now spend hours in front of there computer.
- Looking at immodest pictures and wasting seed are amongst the most serious sins in the religion.
- A person will have to fully account for his actions after he dies. In addition he will be greatly punished while still alive.
- If this does not scare a person from staying away from such things. Then know this, there are at least six separate ways to look up the sites you visited.
- Deleting some will still leave others.
- If you do not fear G-D, then at least be embarrassed from man. For anyone knowledgeable in computers can retrace your steps and know that you sinned.
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