Divine Names for Tikun Habris


- Yichudim and concentrating on divine names should not be used during prayer, unless one can achieve a state where this becomes simple interpretation of the words.
- However if some one wants to accomplish something specific, he should use the names in the appropriate place.
In addition one can meditate on these names during the rest of the day or in the mikvah.

These names work extremely well for Tikun Habris. Do not pronounce these names with your mouth

Chat Bes Vav- which comes out from the first letters of this verse “Might he swallowed and he will now spit it out”

Vav Vav Lamed -coming out from the last letters of the remaining part of that verse “and from its inner parts will G-D take it out”

Bais Yud Tet coming from the verse “with his arm he shall gather the lost”

- All these verses refer to the energy lost and the sparks of holiness that were sent to the other other side when a person was Pogem Habris.

- Another one. Are the names E-L E-L-O-H-I-M expanded in the following way
- This has the same numerical equivalence as the head of that klipa Lilis may her name be erased (with letters). This name should be used during Tehilim especially Tikun Klali. Tehilim also equals 485.

- If impure thoughts enter a persons head through out the day he should immediately concentrate on these names. This is the best time to strike these demons for they are then connected to him.
- If one is sleeping and he is attacked by Lilim, he should use the names to blast them off the face of the earth. It is very hard to control ones thought as he dreams, however if one is used to meditating on these names while he is awake, they will automatically come into his mind as he sleeps.

- Here is a verse to say to rid ones self of impure thoughts

- Another verse brought down by the Ramak can be used to clear the head of foreign thoughts

- For use of these names during the Amida look at article 28 Tikun Habris.
Tikun Hbris (Rectifying the sin of spilling seed)

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