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The Tikunim of the ARI


Warning: if you read this and get depressed since doing Teshuva seems very far then you should know that Hashem has a lot of mercy on our generation and he knew that most people would be unable to carry out the harsh Segufim that are brought down in the earlier sefarim. He therfore sent us the Holy Tzadik Rebbe Nachman of Breslev who revealed much easier ways for a person to rectify his actions.

Also there are a number of Tikunim where a person redeams the fasts with money given to charity and it is important to know the amount.

These are the Tikunim that were given over from the Holy Ari for various sins. He received them from Heaven through Ruach Hakodesh or directly from the prophet Eliyaho. These are the amount of fasts need to rectify the damage done by these specific sins.

A person who has only committed a specific sin once should do the set of fasts one time. A person who has committed a specific sin a number of times should do each set no less then three times.

There is a shortcut for doing the fasts. A 2 day fast - 48 hours with no food or drink is counted as 27 fasts. A 3 day fast - 72 hours with no food or drink is counted as 40 fasts. A person is not allowed to brake up one of those fasts. Meaning if a person needs 10 fast to complete a set he is not allowed to do a 2 day fast and use 10 of the 27 fasts for his first set and the remaining 13 for the next set.

Fast should be accepted the day before during Mincha. The Kavonot for the Tikunim are brought down in Shar Roach Hakodesh in the Kitvi Hari. Even if a person does not have the ability to do the Kavanot it is still a huge Tikun if he does the fasts.

Here are the Tikunim of the ARI

1- A person who has passed over a Mitzvos Aseh such as not placing Tifilin or Tzitzis his Tikun is to fast 61 times.

2 - Tikun for Pgam Hmachshavah for thinking impure thoughts is to fast 87 fasts. This includes thoughts of impurity, thoughts of atheism, thoughts of disbelief in the sages and thoughts of hate against fellow Jews.

3 - A person who drinks Yayin Nesech his Tikun is to fast 73 fasts.

4 - A person who has made a vow and then transgress it should fast 6 days.

5 - A person who swore falsely should fast 28 days. There is also a second Tikun with different Kavanot where a person has to fast 37 fasts. This Tikun also works for Nivul Peh - impure speech.

6 - A Tikun for haughtiness is to fast 55 times.

7 - A person who did not respect one of his parents should fast 27 days and receive 27 lashes on each day.

8 - A person who did not respect both of his parents should fast 45 times.

9 - A person that cursed his parents must do a 3 day fast which is equivalent to 40 fasts.

10 - Someone who has embarrassed his friend must roll around in Charulim - A type of plant that burns the skin.

11 - The Tikun for Anger is to fast 151 times.

12 - A person who has committed a sin with a punishment of one of the Arba Misos Bais Din should fast 200 times and read the Parsh of the Akidah on every day.

13 - A person who sinned with a Nidah should fast 59 times. On every day he should receive lashes and he should lay on the floor and cry over his sin.

14 - There is also a another Tikun for the sin of Nidah that is to fast 82 days and to do gilgul sheleg - roll around in the snow seven times.

15 - A person who committed a sin with an animal must fast 216 times

16 - Someone who committed a sin with a non jew will be reincarnated as a dog. Rabbi Chaim Vital writes over there that he did not receive the number of fast need ed to rectify this sin.

17 - A person who commits adultery with a married women must fast 325 times

18 - A person who committed a sin with another man must fast 233 times

19 - A person who ate an animal that was not slaughtered according to Halacha should fast 27 days.

20 - For eating any other non kosher food he should fast 91 times

21 - A person who has committed the sin of spilling seed should fast 84 times

22 - A Tikun for Keri is to fast 40 times.

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The Tikunim of the ARI