Links to Jewish Web Sites
The only groups we really hold of are the Nituray Karta, the Na Nach Nachmans, Rabbi Mair Kahana and all the people wearing white robes running around the Galil.
Everyone else is just to increase traffic
We tried to leave out sites with pritzut on home page. However this could have changed since then. Then again you shouldn't be on the internet at all.

Our Breslev brothers around the world - One of the best sites on internet.
We recomend that everyone vist this site - Clarifies the situation in Mid East - Prophecies of today's generation

Likud of Holland - Trying to battle Anti-Semitism in Europe

Palestinian Media Watch - Check out what they are teaching their kids

Rudy Tepel - Jewish klezmer wedding music

KosherKooking.Com - Jewish Cooking and recipes - Great Kabbalah site

Pongo - Israel and Army shirts and products - Working to control the Tumah of internet - Live Torah audio and video lessons - Na Nach Nachma Nachman Muman

Kabbalah Art - Art by David Friedman - A response to Jew Watch

Lazer Beams - A spiritual journey with Rabbi Lazer Brody

David Rutstein - A website describing his fight against the Tzioni Erev Rav