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  Reward for Mitzvah, why it doesn’t happen    
  Avraham was High Priest    
  Regarding the fact that the Avos (patriarchs) were shepherds    
  All 3 Avos (patriarchs) made converts    
  Regarding why the Avos were not made into angels like Matatron (Chanoch) and Eliahu  
  Regarding the blindness of Rav Shashes and Rav Yosef    
  In regard to the nation of Yisroel traveling on the wings of eagles    
  Nimrod tried to blind Avraham    
  Looking at Avrahom would spiritually heal people    
  Avrahom gave the unholy names to the sons of his concubine    
  Avrahom was an expert in the wisdom of astrology    
  Maaras Hamachpalah was guarded by burning fire    
  The physical manifestations of someone entering the Pardas    
  Regarding the methods of pronouncing divine names    
  Regarding the many wives of Shlomo    
  The attribute of Yesod Shbateferet    
  Regarding the Heh added to Avrahom’s name    
  Regarding the results of Avrahom’s present to Avimelech    
  All the miracles that happened to Yisroel during the exodus were in the merit of Avrahom   
  Regarding the fear of Avrahom after the war of the four kings.    
  Avrahom sang praise to G-D after the war of the four kings.    
  Esav would kill all the people Avroham converted    
  Basic explanation of the seventy nations    
  Regarding the use of a tree as an Asherah    
  Regarding the worship of different deities throughout history      
  Had the Jews finished the song of vengeance Rome would have been destroyed      
  Regarding the reason why there is less Anti Semitism in America      
  Tikun Hbris (Rectifying the sin of spilling seed)      
  The Sin of Wasting Seed      
  Regarding the location of the ten tribes      
  Introduction to Kabbalah  
  Regarding what happens when one reaches the end of physical space  
  Regarding Dovid’s command to have Uriyah killed.  
  Regarding the reply of Yoash - let the Baal take his vengeance on Gidon.  
  In the world to come the righteous will sit with crowns in their head  
  Regarding "Our G-D and the G-D of our fathers"  
  Regarding the saving of Amalek's sheep  
  Basic explanation of the soul  
  Regarding the splitting point of the generations  
  The difference between being in the klipah and being intentionally evil  
  Regarding the nations request for meat while in the desert  
  Regarding the use of the word, swallow when referring to evil forces capturing energy  
  Regarding why Esov was born with hair  
  Regarding Yisroel the seventy nations and the Erev Rav  
  Regarding the demands created when one spills seed.  
  Regarding the opinion of the Rambam that there are no demons  
  Regarding the suffering of Yisroel  
  Regarding photographic memory  
  Regarding the mysteries of Kabbalah  
  One binds himself to G-D by imitiating his attributes  
  Regarding the Kingship had Shaul not sinned  
  Regarding the use of a Pur (lotto) by Haman  
  Regarding What Happens After Death  
  Regarding the Naming of Children during Biblical Times  
  Regarding Noach and the wine  
  Regarding the clothing of a spirit to receive a rectification  
  In those days there was no King in Yisroel, each man did as was righteous in his eyes.  
  In regards to Shaul asking a prophet about his donkeys  
  Regarding the use of gold in the Mishkan  
  Regarding the Sin of the Golden Calf  
  Regarding the story of Pilegesh in Givah (concubine)  
  There is no Hebrew word for entertainment  
  Regarding the Torah scroll found during the days of Yoshiyahu  
  Regarding G-Ds offer to have an Angel lead Yisroel  
  Regarding the abstainment of the kurban pesach in the desert  
  Regarding a sin for the sake of the public  
  Regarding Menasha King of Yehuda  
  Regarding the generation of the flood  
  Story-the effects of practical kabbalah  
  Story-prayer on Rosh Hashnah  
  Understanding Judaism  
  Regarding the three ways to move people  
  Regarding Kabbalists that died young  
  Talmud Brachos if one could see all the spirits around him he would go mad  
  Regarding HIV  
  Regarding the terophim of Lavan  
  Regarding the blessing of the Cohanim  
  Regarding a conflict in the meaning of a verse  
  If people would have studied Kabbalah the Holocaust would have been prevented  
  The Golden Calf of Yerovum's oxen  
  Acting for the glory of G-D but opposed to his will  
  Regarding gematrias-Numerical equivalences  
  Regarding Moshiach  
  Regarding the golden calf  
  Regarding Wigs (shtyles) for married woman  
  Regarding insanity and Kabbalah  
  The reason why Chasidim would drink alcohol  
  Regarding Magidim  
  Regarding current times being the end of the days  
  Studying Kabbalah to promote Halacha  
  Regarding the Greek Gods  
  Regarding Yeshiva Boys that leave the religion  
  Regarding Medrashim speaking of the future  
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