Suggested Reading

Jewish Meditation

First understand what Meditation is, realize that a person can transcend to higher levels.
By: Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
Meditation and Kabbalah
Now see how all the great sages of Yisroel practiced Meditation.
By: Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
Meditation and the Bible
Shows that prophesy was attained through Meditation.
By: Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
Inner Space
Basic introduction to Theoretical Kabbalah, needed to understand anything in Hebrew Texts.
By: Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
Sefer Yitzirah
Kind of heavy for beginners but read it anyway.
By: Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
Although you will not understand most of the texts, studying them is the only way to begin
Five Books of the Torah This is 'The Book' go through it until you know it cold.    
By: G-D through Moshe    
Neviem and Kesuvim Won't understand any Kabbalah until you know Nach, go through it many times.
By: Various Prophets
Hechalot Rabati The Meditative Techniques used by the Tanaim to ascend to the Merkavah.  
By: Rabbi Yishmael  
Sefer Yitzirah The teachings of Avrahom involving Creation .  
By: Rabbi Akivah  
Zohar The Torah shall not be forgotten from Yisroel.  
By: Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi  
Mishnah These were the same people flying up to the Merkavah.  
By: Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi  
Midrash Pure Wisdom once you begin to understand them.  
By: Various Tanoim  
Bahir Very important Kabbalistic book.  
R' Nechunya ben Hakanah  
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