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Writings on Tikkun Habris

Tikkun Habris - Severity of the Sin of Spilling Seed, ways to stop and how to rectify the damage.

The Sin of Wasting Seed - As brought down in Halacha and the various Sefarim.

Advice how to be Shomer Habris - A number of tips and useful advice on how to be Shomer habris.

Mamar Tikkun Hyesod - from Rebbe Aharon Ruteh in Sefer Taharas Hakodesh

The Power of the Mikvah
- from Rebbe Aharon Ruteh in Sefer Taharas Hakodesh

Even Yeshivish People have to go to the Mikvah - Some people are a little narrow minded so they should read this.

How can I start being Shomer Habris ? - Advice that can be used to gain control over ones desires.

The foolishness of Pgam Habris - Chazal say look at the loss verse the reward.

Practical Guide to Going to the Mikvah - For a person who feels uncomfortable going to the Mikvah.

Secondary options for a Mikvah - For the worst case scenario when a person cant make it to the Mikvah that day.

Regarding the Zohar that there is no Teshuvah for Pgam Habris - many people get very scared when they hear about this Zohar but as Rebbe Nachman says there is no sin that can not be repaired.

Shmiras Habris - From Rabbi Rosenfeld Tape based on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

Tikkun Klali text Hebrew English

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev on Shmiras Habris
- Various quotes from Likutay Maharan

Regarding people that use the internet for prizut - Most people think that no one is watching.

The Tikunim of the ARI
- Not meant for most people but if you think you can then go for it.

Divine Names for Tikkun Habris - A number of names to meditate on to help remove impure thoughts. Also good for the Mikvah

Books on Tikkun Habris - A list of further books in English and Hebrew on this topic that can be used for further research.

Ways to Prevent Tumat Keri - Although Keri happens against a persons will it still causes spiritual damage. Here is a list of ways to help prevent this from happening

The Guide to Using the Restroom - Some basic instructions and Halachos that have to be followed

Flash Clip about Internet - Humorous but true.

A number of E-books on Shmiras Habris - The books of Rabbi Sholom Yehuda Gross, contain a lot of information.

Segulot to Get Married - A list of things a person can do to help him find his true soul mate.

Confess your sins - A rather effective Tikkun that is brought down by Rebbe Nachman and many other Kabbalists.

The Tikkun of Studying Talmud - Learning Gemorah is also a part of the Tikkun prosess

Umon Umon Rosh Hashanah - Who wouldn't listen to the promise of Rebbe Nachman.

Kavanot for Rock Under Pillow - Some easy kavanot for this Tikkun.

Kavanot for Sack - Some easy kavanot for this Tikkun.

Kavanot for Ashes - Some easy kavanot for this Tikkun.

Moshiach will come in merit of those that are Shomer Habris
- Who wouldn't want to be from those people that will bring about the arrival of Mashiach

Important's of Studying Zohar - Reading Zohar even without understanding it is still a very large Tikkun

The Tests of Yosef
- Yosef hatzadik paved the path for all those who wish to be Shomer Habris

Parable – Regarding Shmiras Habris - A nice parable from Rebbe Nachman

Audio Clips on Shmiras Habris - A number of short clips based on teachings of Rebbe Nachman

Questions and Answers
- Here are some of the questions that were sent to us, and the answers sent back.

The final redemption will come in merit of Tikun Yesod -
(Hebrew) taken mostly from Taharas Hakodesh (PDF Hebrew)

Kavanot for Amen Yehe Shmeh Rabbah - Greatly weakens the Klipah of Amalek which is the cause of Tumat Keri also helps rectify past sins.

Pasuk for safety - A pasuk to say when walking out the door. This will help keep a person physically safe on his trip as well as help him be Shomer Anayim (Guard his eyes from improper things). Also includes story behind it (Hebrew).

Introduction to the Tikkun Haklali - (Hebrew PDF) Also has a number of tips on how to guard the mind from impure thoughts.

You Shall Guard My Covenant - A guide to raising children who will be Shomer Habris. Has a lot of Haskamot. (PDF Hebrew)

Ginzay Hamelech - From the Holy Kabbalist Rebbe Yackov Abuchtzerah, grandfather of the Baba Sali. About Shmiras Habris. 70 chapters line up with the 70 Tikkunim from the Zohar.

First Four Chapters of Tehilim - A segula to say before going to sleep to be saved from Keri. Has Shem Havaya with nikud of Bris.

Pesukim for Tikkun Habris - 10 Pesukim to recite.

Pesukim from Ramban for Protection - The 10 Pesukim lineup with the ten Sefirot and the four letters of the Shem Havayah

Tikun Mem Ches - From Tikkunay Zohar a known Segulah for Keri and for Tikkun Habris.

Rebbe Nassons Prayer for Tikkun Haklali - A prayer from Rebbe Nachmans main disciple to recite after saying the Tikkun Haklali

Kuntres Shmiras Hyesod - Has alot of advice on countroling the eyes and the mind (PDF Hebrew)

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